This holiday season, the Richland community is helping to make a difference!

We recently participated in the Out-of-the-Cold drive, where we collected gently used coats, scarves, winter hats, mitts, boots and snow-pants under our ‘Giving Tree’ for local Richmond Hill families. We are also supporting the Family Giving Program, ‘Holiday Heroes,’ where each school division is collecting new donations to support 3 York Region families. These projects are an extension of Richland’s ongoing commitment to community service.

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Between the ages of 3 and 5 children usually demonstrate rapid gains in fine motor manipulation, finger dexterity and tool use. Development of fine motor skills takes time, patience and practice.

Activities that assist with development of the muscles required to manipulate a pencil include: threading beads, using playdough, cutting with scissors, doing buttons, and painting and drawing with different size brushes, pencils and crayons.

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The Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club, Canada’s first women-only boxing club, presents a 2012 calendar in support of Shape Your Life. The calendar features 12 powerful images of Toronto’s toughest female boxers, including Richland Academy’s Grade 5/6 Teacher, Megan Cooney.

The calendars are being sold at $20 each with part of the proceeds going toward Shape Your Life, a recreational boxing program for female and trans survivors of violence.

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The first arrival of snow caused a flurry of excitement in the SK room.  The large windows in the SK classroom gave them a perfect view as the first snowflakes arrived.  “It’s snowing, it’s snowing” echoed around the classroom, quietly spoken with a sense of wonder which quickly crescendoed to excited chatter as the news spread around.

When the children left the room, they passed on the good news to all they came across.  No matter which grade they informed, all reacted with the same sense of excitement!  “It must be the first day of winter!” Madeleine exclaimed.

Returning to the classroom the talk continued, and was accompanied by examples of “The Hundred Languages of Children.”  Snowflakes appeared at reflection time – the children used coloured pencils and their favourite geoboards to make visible what they had just learned.

Truth’s second session with the Grade 5/6 students was as incredible as the first!  The students presented the “joyful noises” performance poetry pieces they had been practicing and received some feedback on presentation.  Truth loved their work.

Students began brainstorming potential topics about which they will be writing, and received one-on-one feedback from Truth. They also began to think about different poetic devices. With these tools, they began the writing process about their own topics!

Truth was very inspiring as always, and left the students with the inspiration to create and write!


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